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24 Mousees Packed in plastic container.

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Knutson's Live Bait carries a large selection of Live Bait, most of it year around, Live Bait such as Night Crawlers, Baby Crawlers, Green CrawlersJumbo Panfish Worms, Leeches, Wax Worms, Spikes, Mousees, Meal Grubs, Preserved Wigglers, Crickets, and Spawn. Much of this Live Bait can be used as Pet Food for Lizards, Spiders, Turtles, Blue Birds and many other pets and animals where these types of Baits are used for food.

We at Knutson's have been in the live bait business for close to 50 years here in Michigan, Jim Knutson came to Michigan from Minnesota in the early 60's to help expand the family bait business in Annandale, MN. Jim was a early pioneer in the packaged bait business and was one of the first to use mail-order as a way of supplying stores with their live bait. As the industry has changed over the years so has Knutson's.

We offer this site to those fishermen that are finding it more and more difficult to find the high quality Live Bait that was once in every Bait Shop that dotted the landscape around the Midwest. We at Knutson's understand what the Fisherman is looking for in Live Bait these days as our Retail Bait Shop in Brooklyn, MI is in the heart of 50 lakes in a 15 mile radius.

By having this Bait Shop it allows us to always be on top of new Bait trends from the testing of Colored Wax Worms for Pike or Salmon. If you ever get the chance to fish the Irish Hills area be sure and stop in as we will help you find the best lakes for the type of fish you plan to target, and don't forget that we also carry a large selection of Minnows in our store.

Mickey Mouse Boots - Brand New
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Model #MMBLACK-7
Mickey Mouse Boots - Size 7
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Mickey Mouse Boots - Size 10
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